My Design Process

Taking the Mystery out of the design process:

The design process is no “one size fits all”. Because each project is unique and each client is unique, there are countless variables that will affect the outcome of each design project. With our experience, we know what to expect in most cases, and we have refined a process that we know works for the best outcome. We are very diligent about transparency, communication, and setting expectations upfront, so that we are on the same page, and no surprises can creep in. We don’t want anything to catch us off-guard. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Step 1: The Initial Contact
Step 2: The Consulation
Step 3: The Letter of Agreement/Contract/Fee Proposal
Step 4: Concept Development, Researching, Sourcing, Meeting with Trades, Quotes, and Estimates
Step 5: The Presentation of Your Custom Design Plan
Step 6: The Procurement of Products
Step 7: Initial Installations
Step 8: Furniture Installations, Styling , & Project Reveal
Step 9: Identifying and Resolving Deficiencies
Step 10: Client Closure Meeting & Professional Photography

Classic, Thoughtful, Personal, Fresh, and grounded in Simplistic Beauty